Drilling for God

John Brown

I have a piece in the October issue of Conde Nast Portolio about an Evangelical Christian oil company exploring for oil in Israel based on their interpretation of Old Testament scripture. An excerpt:

On a bend in the four-lane highway that weaves inland from the Mediterranean toward Megiddo, Israel, the ancient hillside town better known by its Latin name, Armageddon, the vertical silhouette of an oil derrick rises 12 stories above the patchwork of lemon groves stretching into the countryside beyond. This is verdant kibbutz land, dotted with grain silos and hayfields, and the curious sight of an oil platform stands out like a rusted nail hammered into a green quilt. The only sign of oil is a service station a few miles up the road. But according to an evangelical Christian from Houston named John Brown, who founded the little-known Dallas company Zion Oil & Gas, the Bible prophesied that this unassuming corner of Israel would yield untold riches of crude oil—enough to realign the combustible geopolitics of the Middle East.

Read the full piece here


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