NPR Alert: Slowpokes and Marathons

I will be on NPR at 3pm this afternoon speaking about my Slate essay “Running with Slowpokes.” For all running fans, the segment will air on Talk of the Nation. You can listen online HERE


4 responses to “NPR Alert: Slowpokes and Marathons

  1. Rudy Dressendorfer

    The medical problem related to overhydration is hyponatremia. You said something about glucose or blood sugar.

    Finishing time in the marathon is largely determined by genetic factors and age. 4-hour+ marathoners often work just as hard as those finishing in under 3-hours.

  2. As a marathon runner and medical student I take issue with your article. To illustrate the asinine perspective of your writing I would like to direct your attention to the use of the term “hyponatremia”. The use of such esoteric terminology should be reserved for those who dedicate themselves to the arduous pursuit of scientific understanding. A dilettante has no place in the “purist” realm of medical terminology. Does this sound arrogant and elitist? Given the content of your article with its lack of perspicacity I will answer. YES!!!!!!

    It is arrogantly simpleminded and annoyingly narcissistic to purport that those not in the top percentage corrupt the integrity of your group. That unimaginative and vapid mentality was irritating in high school and continues to be an abrasively pervasive presence in the adult realm as well.

    Article = lame

  3. Rudy Dressendorfer

    It’s not about me or you, preppy.
    Gabriel Sherman made a mistake on national radio about the dangers of marathon running.
    The important thing is that he gets it right in some way the next time.

  4. Hi Mr. Sherman,

    Heard you on NPR the other day, and loved how you gave a voice to what many of us think about marathon spectacles. It made me wonder if you’ve heard of the viral blog “Stuff White People Like,” and in particular, this entry about marathons:

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