National Enquirer to NYT: “I Wouldn’t Have Run That Piece”

I have a piece in the New Republic next week that goes inside the National Enquirer as the tabloid broke open the John Edwards sex scandal. As the team of Enquirer reporters uncovered the Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair, the tabloid looked into other rumors, this time involving John McCain and Vicki Iseman, the pretty blond telecommunications lobbyist named in the controversial New York Times investigation published in February. The Enquirer had five reporters poking around the McCain campaign, but ultimately decided not to publish their findings. “I wouldn’t have run that piece, there was nothing in it,” David Perel, the editor of the Enquirer, told me regarding the Times story. “It was filled with innuendo. . . . When you’re done reading it, you’re like, there’s no there there.”

Read the full piece HERE:


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