They’re All Talking Now

Tonight Herman Rosenblat’s agent Andrea Hurst and Harris Salomon, the movie producer working on the film adaptation of Herman’s story, released statements acknowledging the love story that forms the central premise of his memoir is a fake. Both claim they didn’t know Herman had invented his love story until I reported revelations that exposed it as a fabricated memoir. Salomon says the movie project will continue, though he may rewrite script to include material that explains why Herman invented his love story in the first place.

To see the statements, click HERE and HERE


2 responses to “They’re All Talking Now

  1. Grassroots campaing asking Oprah to invite Herman Rosenblat on her
    show one more time in future to apologize for his literary
    fabrication, explain why he did it, ask forgiveness


    Dateline: Cybperspace: — I am creating a national write-in campaign
    here with a grassroots effort to ask Oprah to invite Herman on her
    show in future to apologzie, ask forgiveness, explain why he did and
    how and … to move on with his life quietly and out of the spotlight.

    I have already been in touch with Oprah’s producers and there is a
    good chance this might happen. Oprah will not attack Herman on air the
    way she did with James Frey after his deceptions were uncovered. In
    this case, she will allow Herman to answer to the public, explain
    himself, apologize and ask forgiveness, from Oprah and the public, for
    his literary faux pas.

    The public may leave their comments pn the blog. You may frame them as
    a letter to Oprah, which her producers in Chicago will read online
    here, and you can make your voice heard about asking Oprah to invite
    Herman on her show one last time to explain himself, to apologize to
    Oprah and the public, to ask forgiveness and to move on with this life
    from the point onward. We believe that he is a good man, and that he
    just made a wrong decision by sticking with his made-up story for so
    long. Now that the fabrication has been exposed by the media and his
    book cancelled, it is time for Oprah to invite him on her show and let
    him explain himself to her and to the public. I think there will be a
    teaching moment here for everyone, for Oprah too, for Herman, too, and
    for the viewing public.

    I am in touch with Oprah’s producers by email and phone now, and am
    waiting word on what they will do with this suggestion. There is no
    group sponsoring this write in campaign, just one lone blogger
    following his heart. With the support of many other people who also
    believe in forgiveness and moving on

  2. Oh jeez, and now the lawsuits are coming fast and furious! Who woulda thot?

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