New York Times Parties for Obama

I have a New York Magazine piece out on the Times‘ inauguration party held last night at the New Museum, in Soho. From the piece:

Though the  Times hasn’t taken a pronounced pro-Obama line (the paper endorsed Hillary, after all), it certainly has found many synergies with the new administration. For one, Obama is a Niebuhr-quoting intellectual who provides the most powerful possible endorsement for the paper’s cerebral sensibilities. The return of an ardent reader and a published author to the White House reaffirms what the Times stands for — as a Columbia grad, he’s steeped in the values of the Upper West Side.

But there are also economic benefits to an Obama presidency. The Times — like most media outlets that saw traffic spike during this campaign — stands to gain, at least financially, from an Obama presidency. His celebrity, and power to inspire the audience, is even a profit center — selling papers ($29.95 for the “Inauguration and Election Newspaper Set”) and photographs ($1,129 for a 20-by-24 Damon Winter image) — at a moment when the paper must find new ways to market itself and make money. (For readers who want their Obama first thing in the morning, there’s a $24.95 set of Obama “Victory Mugs,” part of a extensive collection of Obama memorabilia available at the paper’s online store.)
Hence the party.

Read the full piece HERE


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