The Rage of the Rich

In this week’s New York Magazine, I report on the anger felt by many on Wall Street. Deprived of their bonuses and Master of the Universe status, there’s a deep resentment and woundedness on Wall Street. As hard as it might be to imagine sometimes, yes, rich people have feelings. From the piece:

In a witch hunt, the witches have feelings, too. As populist rage has erupted around the country, stoked by canny politicians, an opposite rage has built on Wall Street and other arenas where the wealthy hold sway. Its expression is more furtive and it’s often mixed with a kind of sublimated shame, but it can be every bit as vitriolic. “AIG pissed some people off, and now you’re gonna screw everyone on Wall Street?” rails a laid-off JPMorgan vice-president.”

Read the full piece HERE

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