Matt Drudge, Underground Man

I have a New Republic piece out this week on the Howard Hughes life of Matt Drudge. In recent years, the mercurial operator of the Drudge Report has gone underground. According to one source, the only people Drudge still speaks with include Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. He’s spent a considerable time on the road, traveling to such locales as Tel Aviv, Geneva and South America.

From the piece:

Drudge owes both his stature and his accompanying fortune–sources believe he makes millions per year off his site–essentially to one thing: his appetite, during the Lewinsky era and afterward, for rummaging further into the lives of public figures than mainstream journalists were willing to go. And that’s ironic when you consider the reason that his appearance at the Clinton concession speech created such a frenzy: For the past few years, Matt Drudge has gone almost completely underground.

Read the full piece HERE


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