Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack

Washington Post legend Bob Woodward is now quietly working on a new book about the Obama White House. In the current issue of the New Republic, I have a piece that reports on Woodward’s new book project. In early May, the White House circulated a memo that told officials not to speak with authors before clearing the interview with the press office. The Obama White House, despite vaunted claims of “transparency,” is focused on controlling information just as every previous White House has been.

Woodward told me he’s not worried about the Obama team shutting him out. “People make their individual choices about what they’re going to do, even in the White House and in the government,” he said. “Over my four decades of working on books, you find that some people will help, some people won’t help, some will help at certain stages and not at others, some people won’t help at the beginning but will help later on. That’s reporting.”

Now the parlor game begins. Who in the Obama orbit will be cooperating…

Read the full piece HERE


3 responses to “Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack

  1. Very interesting. I look forward to Woodward’s book. The six words most politicians dont want to hear is; “Bob Woodward is on the phone”.

  2. It will be interesting. Not only is Bob Woodward’s style of telling a story always compelling, his ability to portray characteristics of the key players never fails to reveal details that others missed or found inconsequential.
    Woodward nails the details time and time again that others miss. Looking forward to it.

  3. Bob Woodward is a direct descendant of a Boston Brahmin! He is a direct descendant of John Winthrop!

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