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  1. Was there a deal between Tishman Speyer properties and METLIFE to overpay for Struyvesant Town?

    1. In 2006 TS purchases Struyvesant Town from METLIFE for 5.4 billion putting only 12 million of it’s own money into the deal. The rest of the debt is sold off, I suspect by Blackrock the other partner, to the GSE’s CALPERs etc.

    2. In 2005/6 TS sells 666’s 1.5 million sq feet for 1200/sqft and buys the METLIFE building’s 2.8 million sq feet for 600/sq foot.

    To me it appears that METLIFE was way overpaid for Struyvesant and compensated TS by selling them the METLIFE building at a discount. I’d love to know what kind of rent METLIFE is paying if they are still in the building.

    Mike Easton

  2. Gabe;
    Listened with great surprise On Morning Joe your presentation on the relationship between Goldman Sacks ( Wall Street) and Washington.
    Really great Job !!! Didn’t realize that there was ANYONE that was concerned with what THEY are doing to America. Beside me WHY some of those people can’t be tried for treason. One dosen’t need to be a “rocket scienstist” to SEE the Corruption in institutions that are SUPPOSE to be working for the welfare of THIS country. Please KEEP-UP your courage and efforts to EXPOSE those who blantantly and arrogantly damage the future of this Democracy !!!
    Really appreciaate your efforts.


  3. Привет уважаимые Gabriel Sherman хотел у знать это вы ?

    Gabriel Sherman

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